Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

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I’m a travel expert in…
…South Pacific, Australia, Vietnam, UK, Europe, Africa, Hawaii, USA

I became a World Traveller by…
…starting off with trips to Australia and Hawaii, and then the Kiwi-typical 2 year stint in the UK. It’s in my blood now and even though there’s so many places to travel to, I’m going to give it a good go to see as much as possible. 

…South America is definitely on the to do list in the near future.

My best travelling experience is…
…a trip to Melbourne with a group of friends to see P!nk in concert. We all loved the concert so much that we ended up going twice!

…Vietnam for the diverse culture which is so unlike ours, beautiful countryside and friendly people.  I even got to visit a Vietnamese wedding which was amazing!

I never travel without…
…ziplock bags! I had my favourite perfume thrown out at Customs because it was in my bag, over 150mls, and not in a sealed bag – rookie mistake.

…power board – travelling with kids and their devices – definitely requires multiple power sockets!

My favourite client story is…
…sorting a family holiday for a friend who was going back to Canada to visit family. Her son has a medical condition that proved quite challenging in obtaining insurance, but we got there in the end and the whole family could travel back to Canada knowing they had adequate cover.

…organising a trip right around the USA, using every form of transport for a group of 3 sisters.

…being part of planning a honeymoon to Europe.


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