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Dining Out In Argentina


Argentina is world famous for its beef cuisine, but it doesn’t stop there. The Spanish influence dominates but there is a host European food options with Portuguese and Italian food in the mix, both of which offer fantastic menus.

But back to the beef.  Take care when ordering a steak, because even though it will be well marinated and expertly grilled, your eyes may well be bigger than your tummy.  Start with a loin or fillet steak.  It will be plenty even for a big appetite and it will be cooked to perfection. A small T Bone will make your eyes water. Most of their food is cooked on a grill rather than a hot plate, and the larger restaurants pride themselves in the classy art of the BBQ.

LAL Steaks

The classic snack for lunch is the Empanada. They are small savoury bakes with minced meat or ham and cheese fillings inside a cornbread pastry and at 25peso each they make an easy and affordable lunch time snack. Three Empanada and a cappuccino will cost around 175peso. Another Spanish snack option is the Tamale. They are ground beef and ground corn mix, baked inside a corn sheaf.  Delicious. So …  175 peso is around $7NZD.



Meals are not expensive.  For the two we never spent more than $60NZD for 2 or 3 drinks and main course. Another lunch time snack is to pop into a authentic Italian restaurant for pizza and two cappuccino at $18NZD.  The service will be friendly and slick even if not a word of English is spoken. A smile in Argentina goes a very long way and they love Kiwi’s - especially the All Blacks!

LAL Salmon Dinner




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