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Japan - It started off as a one hour trek


Content provided by Alana's client Marg during a recent hiking adventure in Japan.

From Murodo I had studied the internet and there was a 1 hour walk to Tengudaira. Was nice walk, see my first photos. Then we got cocky...... go left 1.5 hours down to Midagahara or go right 2.5 hours. Walk had been easy so far, we had heaps of time, so right it was.

See next lot of photos. Ridiculous! But took it slow and made it. Sign at end, which should have been at the start....... intermediate hikers go left. Experts go right. Oh well ! All part of the adventure!! 

Start of walk at Murodo

Murodo Walk

Murodo 2

Then it got worse..


Track stops

Perhaps this is a sign that says. Turn back you twits !!

Turn Back

And a bus and one last cable cat at end and train to Toyama for the night and now we in Takayama for 3 nights.

R and R before flight home Saturday. Another typhoon coming Saturday so fingers crossed we get out first.


Cable Car


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