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There is no doubt that Australia is home to some of the planet's most amazing and unique wildlife. 

Australia boasts a truly remarkable wildlife story, being home to the world’s most biodiverse waters, the highest number of endemic bird species, the highest number of reptiles and fascinating marsupials. From bird watching in Kakadu National Park, snorkelling with whale sharks in Ningaloo Marine Park, whale watching off Margaret River, swimming with turtles on the Great Barrier Reef or spotting wild koalas along the Great Ocean Road - where else but in Australia can you experience all this? 

Dive with the ocean's gentle giants: whale sharks and humpbacks.

Spot koalas sleeping in the trees.

Meet the Tasmanian Devil.

Snap kangaroos lazing on sandy beaches.

Watch saltwater crocs swim by.

Float over a reef with sea turtles.

Get face to face with a great white shark.

Dive with dwarf minke whales.

See the penguins on Philip Island.

Glide with manta rays.

Spot wild dingoes.

Snap a selfie with a quokka!

Throughout Australia there are life-changing opportunities to engage with the extraordinary wildlife.

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Photo credit - Tourism Australia